CAPATOAST is the first Toasteria in Italy. It has invented a new way to consider the basic Toast, turning it instead in an extraordinary product.

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After few more than three years from the opening of the first store, CAPATOAST is today a chain with 23 stores distributed all over the Italian territory, especially in the historical centers of the principal cities. Among the motivations of the success there are the high quality ingredients used, the artisanal bread (strictly made without ethyl alcohol), the cooking processes, the so many recipes of both salty and sweet toasts, that can satisfy every type of demand and taste; nonetheless, the success is do to the brand and to the friendly, effective and winning communication. CAPATOAST is one of the most innovative format in the restaurant business of the last years. It has great growth opportunities and today it can be placed on the market with an evolved project of the format, that from simple take away becomes fast food too, with possibility of sitting places and a more complete and winning offer of products.


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