Cioccolatitaliani is the first italian concept focused on the world of chocolate.

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It aims to create a new chocolate culture through all the way in which it is worked and offered, from coffee to gelato, until pastry and food. Cioccolatitaliani speaks about a new experience: Chocology, an art made of ingredients, gestures, people, products and moment of pure taste.

In 2009, after a 40 years experience in pastry market, Ferrieri family founds Cioccolatitaliani. Two years later, Cioccolatitaliani begins its development process with the creation of the second store in Milan. In 2016, the new project ‘FBTB_From Bean To Bar’ is launched with the realization of the first in-store chocolate factory. In 2017, Cioccolatitaliani moves into travel retail with the first shops into airports and train stations. From Bean To Bar concept wins the ‘Best Food Experience’ award at Mapic Italy and this year Cioccolatitaliani wins ‘The Best Managed Company’.


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