Franchising project management and development

Thanks to the comprehensive experience matured over the years in the sector of monobrand retail commercial distribution and following the study and analysis of numerous retail projects in the various sectors of fashion, services, food and beverages …

Reno Your Retail Partners is recognised as an important player in the management and development of franchising projects.

Reno supports both the retailers who wants to start a franchising project (franchisors) with the objective of expanding over the territory – as an alternative or alongside direct expansion – and entrepreneurs who want to invest in a franchising project (franchisees) – who may perhaps already own commercial premises.

For the franchisor

Do you want to quickly expand your brand?
  • Feasibility studies and benchmarking of market conditions
  • Engineering of the franchising project, formula definition and franchising conditions (formula definition and offer conditions, brochure, production of manuals and contracts)
  • Recruiting franchisees and master franchisees
  • Market mapping and monitoring to highlight commercial opportunities



For the franchisee

Do you want to invest in a franchising project? Do you own a store and are you looking for the right brand?
  • Location search in shopping center, historical center, retail park, travel retail, factory outlet, traffic road
  • Support at every stage of the negotiations with the contact persons of the commercial structures
  • Geomarketing analysis for the location identification
  • Store’s prospective economic statement




Create and develop a franchising project

The activities and services carried out by Reno in the context of supporting the development of a franchising project can be summarised as follows:


Analysis of project feasibility and sustainability and validation of the franchising commercial formula

The corporate objective in the context of retail are analysed and the projects advantages defined in a first step.
The consultants carry out benchmark analyses with reference franchising projects in the sector and elaborate a commercial formula to satisfy the business objectives and to meet market demand. This analysis is a preliminary step to the evaluation of the potential for the commercial formula in the reference market and the verification of the formula’s feasibility and sustainability for both operators involved (franchisor and franchisee). At this stage possible development scenarios and the formula expansion plan are identified, with evidence of the costs and investments undertaken by the franchisor, and the sustainable income projection for the formula.


Engineering of the retail project to set the basis for the franchise development

Subsequently, and after a positive outcome for the first step, the definition of the franchising formula in all its elements take place, from the project to contracts, from the drafting of the guidelines of the operational manual to the communication brochure, the media plan, to make it replicable in the market. At this stage benchmarking takes place of the project’s contractual and economic conditions with other franchising projects similar in terms of sector or characteristics. The franchisor is supported in the promotion of the project. Reno defines the media plan and selects the best opportunities for the search and selection of potential franchisees, manages the negotiations with the media for the promotion of the project and supports the franchisor in the activities relating to public relations and the organisation of events.


Activities of search and profiling of franchisees and master franchisees

In the subsequent stages, Reno puts itself forward as a strategic partner in the management of all operational aspects of the franchising project.

This can be a comprehensive support, with a dedicated Key Account manager, or a selective service for specific activities.

The services at this stage are mainly:

  1. Gathering, organising and shortlisting spontaneous applications
  2. Searching and mapping potential candidates with a profile in line with the brand’s sector and in the locations of most interest to the franchisor
  3. Screening and selection of potential candidates, analysis of sustainability of potential franchisees/master franchisees
  4. Analysis of the commercial and sustainability potential of the business in line with the parameters of the franchising project
  5. Starting and managing negotiations up to the definition of contractual agreements
  6. Assistance in the definition and negotiation of contractual agreements

Location search activities

  1. Validation of the location owned by the franchisee in terms of coherence with the positioning target defined by the formula.
  2. Search of possible locations of interest to the franchisee


Choosing and investing in a franchising project

Choosing and investing in a franchising project
The decision to open a shop and invest in a franchising project is an important step. It is a challenge that can offer significant rewards if there is awareness of the different offers available on the market and if the tools are available to make a good choice. It becomes essential to rely on a partner able to work alongside the entrepreneur throughout the process.
With a comprehensive support, Reno Your Retail Partner helps the entrepreneur to make important decisions: the choice of the franchising project most suited to their own needs (in terms of merchandising sector, economic demand, geographical area, attitude), the search for premises (if not already available), the signature of the franchising contract, liaising with the franchisor and signature of the franchising contract.
You can start a business activity by making use of Reno’s know-how, acquired in 30 years of experience in the retail sector. You will become part of a franchise network and we will guide you in the evaluation of reliable franchisor companies – our clients – offering an already developed franchise which will allow you to reach your business objectives.

Compile this questionnaire and we will contact you to answer your questions and recommend the franchising formula best suited to your needs.

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Thanks to the experience gained over the years in the retail industry, Reno supports customers who are interested in franchising development. Reno assists them in the research of potential entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in a franchising project.

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