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Since 1989 Reno Your Retail Partners has developed a deep knowledge of the commercial real estate market, both with regard to shopping centres and in town centres, of the distribution, production and financial market, contributing to the success of many national and international chains, from the more classic merchandising categories (food service, clothing, etc.), to new markets. With a retail consultancy company approach, Reno Your Retail Partners makes a team of professionals available to analyse the overall Retail Real Estate market from the inside and provide its clients’ business with the most appropriate solutions: from great organisations to projects who will become so in time.


4 divisions linked to each other

The 4 divisions interact and cooperate between themselves to offer clients a wide consultancy service targeted to increasing the performance of their retail business: from direct to franchising development, from analysis on ranges and visual merchandising to strategic development plans, from the definition of the location strategy to geomarketing analysis, from retail business due diligence service to operational assistance in the processes of mergers and acquisitions, one of the most requested service at Reno.


Institutional partners

Reno is a partner and retail member of Confimprese: an association which gathers the main retail operators with franchising and direct networks, which protects the interests and encourages the development of points of sale and brands in Italy and abroad.

Visit www.confimprese.it

Furthermore, Reno Your Retail Partners is a member of ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centres), whose mission is to support the recognition of the role performed by the Retail Real Estate sector at social, economic and community level across the world. As a member, Reno Your Retail Partners has access to statistics and detailed studies on the sector, useful to support its clients and to expand their business at international level.

Visit www.icsc.org

International partners

Since 2017 Reno Your Retail Partners has been part of a prestigious international network of companies from different countries in the world, which is called TIRCA (The International Retail Consulting Alliance).

Time Retail Partners (UK), UP! Real Estate (France), LaSBA (Spain and Portugal), TenRep (Denmark, Finland and Sweden), Prime Consulting (Germany), Ceusters (Belgium and Holland), Sarici (Turkey), Graham Singh Retail (Australia), Match (New Zeland), Capricorn (United States), Koniver Stern Group (United States), Blatteis & Schnur (US – West Coast), The Retail Connection (US – Texas), Rielly Retail Solutions (US – NY), Bergner Inc Real Estate Advisor (Canada) and Recs (Mexico). The network offers a unique service to Landords and Retailers looking to cross borders.

The partners meet periodically to be updated on the evolution of the market, together they participate to international sector exhibitions and exchange information that allow each member to increase their knowledge of the retail real estate market at international level.

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Work with us

Alongside every Reno Your Retail Partners client there is the experience of someone working with passion and professionality in a continuously changing environment and which offers new opportunities every day. Reno Your Retail Partners is always looking for new talent wishing to capitalise on their experience and competences to further their career.

If you are looking for a new challenge, send your CV with a brief introduction and fill in the data processing authorisation to this email address: job@reno-it.com

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Our clients

Day by day, Reno Your Retail Partners builds a relationship of trust with its clients, it listens to their wishes and their needs, guides them and supports them in reaching their objectives. Clients can be large retail groups, medium-small retailers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, master franchisees and private equity funds.