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Recognised in the world thanks to the iconic Geo map, Alviero Martini 1A Classe is one of the leading brands in the accessories sector, expressing the unmistakable Italian style.

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Alviero Martini 1A Classe is one of the leading brands in the accessories sector

Alviero Martini S.p.A. was founded in 1991 in Milan, where its headquarters are still located. In 2003 it was taken over by Gruppo Final S.p.A., pursuing a forward-looking development plan in Italy and abroad. From the start the company set itself apart in the production of bags and accessory in an inimitable style. The company distributes through Retail and Wholesale channels. Alviero Martini S.p.A. today has two flagship stores (in Milan and Rome), three directly managed monobrand boutiques (in Padua, Rome and Catania), one franchise shop (Cuneo), alongside a multibrand stores network throughout the country. Europe, Middle East and the Far East are the main foreign markets, thanks to collaborations with local partners. In addition to the Retail and Wholesale channels, the distribution network is supported by e- commerce and Travel Retail.


The objective was to further develop the retail channel with the proposal of a new sustainable commercial format for urban centres and shopping centres, which is the optimised synthesis of the expression of the brand elements present in points of sales already active in the chain. In fact, Alviero Martini did not have a single commercial formula but different boutiques. For this reason, before proceeding to develop the retail channel, it needed to understand which commercial formula was better suited and validate a representative concept store.


The cooperation with Reno Your Retail Partners started with the Strategy & Management Business Unit, which analysed the initial retail formula with the objective of developing a new retail formula, validated the location strategy and determined the expansion potential for the formula.

Then the Tenant Representation Business Unit was involved in the search for locations in the historical centres of the main Italian towns with the aim of supporting the client in pursuing a plan for the enhancement of the retail channel.

Initially, the Strategy & Management Business Unit analysed the state of the art in terms of the critical processes of the retail business with the objective of identifying a concept management model and subsequently a plan of interventions aimed at the consolidation and industrialisation of corporate dynamics.
To do so, the following analysis stages were undertaken:

  • Analysis of the reference market (analysis of sector trends, competitors and reference
    retail models), through point of sale store audit to assess: format, concept shop,
    product selling method, competitive positioning, promotion policies, etc.)
  • Audit of the leather goods, shoes, accessories and clothing divisions
  • Analysis of the current commercial formula which includes: the formula value proposition, range analysis, point of sale study (store concept and brand identity, space layout and management, visuals and communications, store design, assessment of the shop organisation, main management approach, product administration policies), communication, promotion and location strategy.

The optimised potential commercial formula is the output of these steps. Subsequently, the S&M team outlined the location strategy and the retail development scenarios for the new Alviero Martini formula.

The Tenant Representation Unit was involved in the search for locations and, once the spaces matching the client’s requirements had been identified (floor area, number of shop windows, number of floors, etc.), to have a more detailed analysis, the latter used another service offered by the Strategy & Management team, that is to say footfalls analysis to assess the quality of the location.

The footfalls analysis consists of the statistical record of traffic flows past the front shop window and the estimation of annual footfalls for each point of sale. It also includes the development of a mathematical model designed to quantify the commercial potential of the points of sale being analysed, that is to say the elaboration of the model for estimating the point of sale’s potential takings.

Specifically, the activity was implemented in this way:

  • Site inspection and point of sale traffic counting,
  • Analysis of data observed and estimation of the annual values given historical series of similar commercial contexts
  • Assessment of the pedestrian area file, that is an operational synthesis of the elements observed and assessed

These activities have supported Alviero Martini 1A Classe in the choice of opening a monobrand boutique in Padua in Via Altinate in March 2018.


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