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La Piadineria is today the top fast casual food chain in Italy.

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La Piadineria is today the largest chain of restaurants focused on piadas in Italy, with over 200 points of sale (direct and in franchising) located in shopping centres and urban areas, mainly in North and Central Italy.

The company was founded in 1994 in Brescia by Pierantonio Milani and Franco Beccaria. The operational management of the network requires all shops branded “La Piadineria” to offer the same menu, which includes over 30 types of piadas, both sweet and savoury. All dough is produced in the Montirone plant. In 2016 a process of restyling of the brand and point of sale concept was started, with a contemporary design. Since December 2017, the Group has been controlled by the British Permira private equity fund.


La Piadineria was looking for a partner to undertake a development plan within shopping centres and in historical centres throughout Italy, both directly and in franchising. Reno was involved to promote, on the market and with real estate retail sector operators, La Piadineria brand and the relative plans for development, research and selection of potential points of sale in shopping centres, travel retail, factory outlets and urban centres in line with the previously defined development plans.

The collaboration with Reno Your Retail Partners started in 2015, when the Group had just over 30 points of sales. The development objectives were to open 30 points of sale in 2016, 30 points of sale in 2017 and 60 in 2018.




Mapping the potential expansion and definition of a national development plan

The work started with the mapping of the existing chain where the current brand conditions (where the points of sale are, the management channels and methods) and the development opportunities for La Piadineria and any critical issues were analysed. Subsequently the expansion potential was defined in function of the development of the commercial real estate market and its competitors. Lastly, the development plan, stretching over a 5-year timespan, was shared.



Project management and promotion

This activity consists of the definition of the strategy and expansion plan (year by year), of the management of current and future marketing, opportunity for re-marketing and location in urban centre. The promotion of the project refers to the presentation of La Piadineria to shopping centres and retail operators marketing/management companies. Also, La Piadineria project is publicised through Reno Your Retail Partners media.



Location search in Italy and search and selection of potential candidates interested in La Piadineria franchising project for the Italian market

The location search activity includes: monitoring the market of organised shopping centres in the urban centres property market, the search, selection and presentation of location opportunities, start and management of location negotiations, lease agreement or purchase with own real estate property or the marketing company and, lastly, assistance to the conclusion of negotiations.


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