Strategic and operational development abroad

An observatory on domestic and international markets

In an essentially mature market, growth takes place both in a step by step manner and through quality changes: acquisition, mergers, new projects, innovative ideas, revolutionary formats and emerging markets which offer operators radically new prospects.

The International Business Unit comes into play when the client starts to consider development beyond its own domestic borders. Producers and retailers, investors and wholesalers ask us to help us implement these projects. Sometimes, however, we are the ones stimulating entrepreneurs and investors by offering them international opportunities

Several Italian brands have the potential to be of interest to foreign markets, with better development prospects than those offered by the Italian market (Middle East, North Africa, East Europe, etc.). We are committed to a continuous observatory activity for every growing market to take the opportunity of the best suited expansion method and to provide retail and real estate information in the reference market.

International partnerships

Step by step

Since 2017 Reno Your Retail Partners has been part of a prestigious international network of companies dealing with Retail Real Estate in different countries in the world, TIRCA (The International Retail Consulting Alliance):

Time Retail Partners (UK), UP! Real Estate (France), LaSBA (Spain and Portugal), TenRep (Denmark, Finland and Sweden), Prime Consulting (Germany), Ceusters (Belgium and Holland), Sarici (Turkey), Graham Singh Retail (Australia), Match (New Zeland), Capricorn (United States), Koniver Stern Group (United States), Blatteis & Schnur (US – West Coast), The Retail Connection (US – Texas), Rielly Retail Solutions (US – NY), Bergner Inc Real Estate Advisor (Canada) and Recs (Mexico). The network offers a unique service to Landords and Retailers looking to cross borders.

The partners meet periodically to be updated on the evolution of the market, together they participate to international sector exhibitions and exchange information that allow each member to increase their knowledge of the retail market at international level.



Furthermore, Reno Your Retail Partners is a member of ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centres), whose mission is to support the recognition of the role performed by the Retail Real Estate sector at social, economic and community level across the world. As a member, Reno Your Retail Partners has access to statistics and detailed studies on the sector, useful to support its clients and to expand their business at international level.