Relationships built day after day.

Day by day, Reno Your Retail Partners builds a relationship of trust with its clients, it listens to their wishes and their needs, guides them and supports them in reaching their objectives. Our consultants always focus their attention on the client in every strategic and operational decision. Clients can be large retail groups, medium-small retailers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, master franchisees and private equity funds.
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Guess is a US brand specialised in the production of fashion and accessory items.

Wiener Haus

A food service format headed by Cigierre, Wiener Hous offers central European traditional food.


Gamelife is a chain specialised in the sale of gaming and entertainment products.

Caffe’ Pascucci

Caffè Pascucci is an Italian coffee shop chain with more than 500 outlets in Italy and abroad.


Tannico is the world’s largest Italian wines online shop.


OVS S.p.A. is Italy’s leading group in the clothing market.


The CareDENT dental clinic chain was founded in Spain in 2004 to offer high quality dental care at an accessible price.


The Lovable store chain markets underwear and pyjamas through a chain of over 120 stores in shopping centres and historical town centres.


Reno supports the retail development of many brands, from international retailers to local networks, from larger companies to projects that will become. Whether it is the beginning of the life cycle of a chain or a later stage of consolidation, there are many brands that make use of the professional advice of Reno, in order to expand its network of stores directly or research entrepreneurs for the franchising development project.


Retail just like it is seen by those who operate in the sector.

Reno works alongside retailers, producers and distributors at every stage of the brand life cycle, from start-up to sustainable development plans, with a wide range of ad hoc client services. It follows the development of national and international chains, both from a strategic and an operative point of view.
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