Retail from the best point of view.


Retail from inside is exactly what people working in the sector see.
This is our philosophy and our working method: thinking of retail from your point of view, by your side before, during and after its development.
Yet it is more: “being inside” the markets with multipurpose skills and the foreknowledge of the evolution occurring to make up your mind.
Planning retail from inside means to have a vertical vision of the different markets: distribution, production, real estate, finance, IT business, logistics.
Reno can manage with them all.

Complex business, global outlook.

Four Business Units.

Thanks to our presence in the retail network of our clients and their competitors. Thanks to the analysis of their competitive models and “best practice” both in Italy and abroad, we get a comprehensive, synchronic outlook of the retail world day by day. Our strength is the new outlook we provide. By cross-checking our qualitative and quantitative analysis data we evaluate and benchmark your operating environment from a geographical, historical point of view also considering the market and its competitors.